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Wooden Box Of Tea Packaging Design Application Jul 16, 2016

1.metal cans packaging
Metal can packaged against damage, moisture, excellent sealing properties, is an ideal packaging of tea. Metal cans made from Tin plated steel sheet, such as tanks in the square and cylindrical, the caps are single layer and double covers of the two. From the sealed-up, tank and sealing cans in two ways. On the packaging technology, generally tank enclosure deoxidizer packaging method can be used to remove oxygen in the package. Sealed cans used aerated, vacuum packing. Designing exquisite metal tank suitable for high-end tea packaging.

2.carton packaging

Ash tray is made of white paper, paperboard, printed, paper packaging box printing prevents easy breakage, shading performance is also very good. To address the packed tea aroma volatile and the effects of odors from the usually polyethylene plastic bag before putting it in the tea tray.
3. plastic packaging
Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic containers have generous, beautiful, effective packaging exhibition features, but its poor performance, as in the tea box with printed packaging, composite film for packaging plastic bag.