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The Advantages Of Wooden Packing Boxes Jul 16, 2016

Wooden box lots of material: mahogany, rosewood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, pine, are done first, wooden box material. Surface treatment chemicals such as paint, lacquer, waterborne paint technology, environmentally-friendly wooden boxes, grind, Polish, and more pure and natural! Some types of wood is very hard and durable, there is the flexibility to bend. "Hardwood" Yes wood is obtained from the tree of life lose their leaves in winter one of the most common types. Other types of wood "Cork" is from evergreen trees such as FIR, pine and Redwood. All the trees down to very soft, very hard between ranges. Circulation in the wooden box is commonly used as a container, the amount after the corrugated container. Wooden framework of mainly wooden crates, boxes, crates, three. Wooden box because of its simple and thick texture, often applied to all kinds of high-end consumer goods packaging, such as: food gift boxes, wine boxes, health care products, and other precious commodities. Frame wooden box is made of certain sections of wooden box frame, also add planks covered outside of the skeleton as needed. This type of frame boxes come in two forms, known as open-frame box with no wood cover, with wooden covering known as cover-frame box.