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How To Choose A Good Quality Wooden Storage Cabinet Jul 16, 2016

1,touch wood storage cabinet plates
When we choose to purchase wood cabinets that will touch their product, looks at the edge of wooden storage cabinets are fine, glossy, feel good, horizontal even vertical joint fine, gelatinize, and so on. Plate is the face of wooden cabinets, wooden cabinets sheet Ze is good, bright, not easy to fade, not easy to deformation of damp, it is not easy at the edge of slit drum, less prone to scratches and bruising.

2,see the effect of wood cabinets as a whole
Have a lot of friends in his choosing a wooden cabinets too care about character design rather than practical, that consumers need to understand the meaning of custom cabinets should be self designed and practical combination. Then we'd like to see the effect of the wood storage cabinet as a whole, because some processes, customers and designers are not around factories, errors on the production processes of any size can lead to assemble cabinets have obvious discomfort, this will test the capacity of manufacturers professional.