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Benefits Of Using Wooden Wine Boxes Jul 16, 2016

Wine bottle glass, ceramics, pots and other materials. Although able to quality for the drinks, but easily broken, wooden wine box must be good support for the bottle. Supporting materials are commonly used cardboard, paperboard, MDF and so on. High-grade wooden wine packaging in addition to the main support material, usually using high-grade glossy paper with a special effect, silk fabric and so on. At the time of structural material, care should be taken to meet the transport requirements, making it firm structure, but also product features. Designers should be combined with the company's production equipment and processing capacity, design wooden wine box it is best to use the machine. For parts can only be assembled link by hand, must design molds, mass-produced, Jane, to ensure quality and efficiency. And can greatly reduced manual cost, shortened production cycle; sometimes also can first with machine made semi-finished products, again for manual assembled, using machine and manual phase combined of way reached low cost, hanging brand, certificate, various Poker, notes, letterhead paper, envelope, envelope, poster, color page, album, notebook, folder, not dry rubber label, radium shot laser security standard posted, various sucking plastic, pressure plastic, plastic film packaging bags, vacuum aluminum parking composite bags, printing process way has: hit convex, local UV oil, various shape die cut, Four-colour printing or PANTONE color printing.

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