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Wooden box as much as so many doorways, wine merchants how to pick the wine box? Mar 20, 2017

The survey found that wine with gift box is a very popular way of the gift . Today we are going to talk about the material of the wooden gift box.


Choose wooden box packaging, what do you need to know?

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Material: pine box natural, MDF has the feeling of overpacking

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Today I talk about commonly used wine box packaging, first of all pine and MDF box two, but in general, try to use the former. The reason is that the original pine box is more natural, basically no smell. Process is also better to do, such as branding, silk screen, and so on. In addition, the original pine in the price is also good, compared with the MDF, the former is cheaper, the difference in the 20% -30% range.

 wooden wine box

In addition, the original pine paint compared to more aspects, the use of wooden box more pursuit of natural sense, so not how painted, up to the varnish. The density board after painting, although it seems tall, but this plate looks unnatural, it is easy to give the feeling of excessive packaging, lost the property itself. "Because of this, the guests are more like the original pine made of the gift box.


Style: two loaded and six loaded is the mainstream

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In addition to comparison from the material, wine merchants purchase wooden box, also need to consider the capacity of the problem.


Many wine companies, in the procurement of packaging at the same time, will focus on its capacity, especially overseas companies

 Wholesale wine box

As the overseas imports of wine is generally carton loaded, and some high-end wine is wooden box, not only higher cost, but also based on corrosion, many wooden boxes are crucified. If you press this to the end of the hands of consumers, others want to drink, but also need to find tools to pry open, very inconvenient. Therefore, I am doing some gifts of customer demand, the general will be customized in the country with a lock or activities of the wooden box as equipment.

Lin Jian said: In general, the custom wooden box is two or six loaded. The reason is that Chinese consumers to mention wine to give people, prefer the number of pairs, and are generally at least two bottles of people feel enough hospitality. But only do not like the number 4.


Brand awareness: LOGO

So, what is the general logo on the wooden box?

 cheap wine box

As for some very memorable wine, or wine, we will consider the product itself printed on the wooden box logo. But most of the gift box, the domestic wine business are all printed on the domestic liquor company's own name and trademark, on the one hand can play a propaganda role, more importantly, or a versatile, a box can make all the company's wine can be installed Go in.