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Why Your Cigar Need A Good Cigar Humidor ? Apr 19, 2017

The most important aspect of alcoholic cigars is how to keep a stable environment for your cigars to "sleep". Many people think that cigars should be kept at 17-20 degrees Celsius and maintain a 65% -70% humidity. Excessive humidity or overheating, your cigar will be moldy risk. But if the temperature is too low, the process of alcoholization is hampered, if the humidity is not enough cigars will dry, dry cigar taste is not how good, and even lead to cleanser open. Temperature changes too fast, fast thermal expansion and contraction is almost all of the items are not very good, cigars are no exception, especially for eggplant jacket. So please help your cigar to choose one wooden cigar humidor.


Try to use the better sealing effect of the handmade cigar box, for the cigar to provide temperature control wet proper air exchange.Of course, we have to focus not only on the internal environment of the cigar box, as well as the location of the cigar box. Avoid placing places in direct sunlight, or in a room where the temperature and humidity are drastically changing. The stability and consistency of the environment is critical. The remaining space in the cigar box is ideal, at least twice the volume of the cigar, and more space is for your cigars to breathe in the cigar box