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What is the effect of the thin piece of wood in the cigar box? Apr 13, 2017

Buy a whole box of cigars knows each have a box of cigars or two thin cedar wood, usually, cedar wood to protect the cigar, to avoid accidentally opened the fragile eggplant clothes.

A box of cigars from the production, packaging, and then to the supplier, and finally to the cigar is in the hands of the twists and turns, as in the transport process, such as improper protection, it is easy to cause loss, affecting the appearance and taste of cigars. If only to protect the cigar, other chips can also play the same role, why should we use cedar wood? This is determined by the nature of the cedar chips.

The cigar storage environment plays a key role in the quality of the cigar. The cedar chips can adjust the humidity of the whole box automatically. A piece of cedar wood with a certain humidity can effectively keep the humidity in the box.

Use moisturizing box stores the cigars were will encounter this problem, it is difficult for us to ensure the stability of the humidity in the box, usually not high humidity is low, then it may put some cedar wood, wood chips that can play the role of harmonic humidity.


Cedar wood chips also have a role, is lit cigar.

Light a cigar requires special cigar lighter or cigar cigar matches, generally people are aware of this, the problem is, when we travel, lighter and matches are not allowed to carry on the plane, then you can choose your cedar wood. Lit with a burning CEDAR WOOD CIGAR not only does not smell, but also cedar wood. Suggest you put extra wood cut into narrow pieces of cedar on the tube, which is convenient to carry, can also ensure that wherever can light a cigar in the best way.