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What is the difference between a high glossy finish box and a piano finish box? Mar 24, 2017

The difference between a high gloss finish wooden box and a piano finish wooden box is the process and effect.



High glossy wooden box refers to its paint process, finish with high-gloss paint, spray finished.

Piano finish box, piano paint on the process, used in the wooden box, the effect is same with the piano.

The effect difference between high glossy wooden box and piano wood box

wooden box design

1, The paint film thickness: piano paint the film thickness more than 1MM, can withstand repeated grinding, flat as a mirror. High glossy paint is less than one-third of piano. Fullness and flatness, and can not be compared with the piano.


2, Brightness: high-glossy products, paint reflection, especially a little point of the object in the paint on the reflection, distortion is serious, near the paint surface with orange peel-like ripple. Piano is smooth as a mirror, brightness as a mirror. Paint reflection and the real difference


3, Hardness: high glossy products, a little bump, miserable. Its high glossy will wipe with the daily.Poor hardness.

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Piano paint products: strong hardness. With a pencil across the surface, no any trace after wiping. Can withstand the general bump, brightness lasting.