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The new reform ,the new culture May 18, 2017

What is corporate culture?


Enterprise culture is to show the enterprise in the practice of the socialist market economy, gradually form for all staff identity, abide by, with the characteristics of the enterprise values.


Enterprise culture is formed in the cultural concepts, historical tradition, common values, ethics and code of conduct such as the ideology of the enterprise, business leaders to culture change people's function is applied to the enterprise, in order to solve the problems in the modern enterprise management, has the enterprise culture.  


From now on ,Volenx Crafts start a new reform , Let’s embrace the new corporate culture .

We are committed to independent research and development from now on, to fight for Volenx brand, make Volenx out of China, to the world, welcome witness with us .


Now ,kindly show some our culture to all of you !


Greet the common future !

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