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Spanish cedar making cigar box Mar 29, 2017

The most popular used cigar humidor is the Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is not a formal name, but the name of a class of trees, the Spanish cedar is called cedrela odorata, also known as red cedar, it is an easy to use wood, moderate light, soft, Durable, easy to split, easy to polished, shrink and warp rarely, easy to machine and manual processing, texture and strong and lightweight. At the same time the wood contains semi-resin juice, it can protect it from fungi, ants and other insects attack, it is important as a cigar box with semi-wet nature. The following are the same as the "

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The demand for this fragrant wood in the tropical regions of the United States is very large, and the main purpose of the first use is to make household items for storage of clothes. The following are the same as the "


Spanish cedar are the best cigar box material

It is used for large-scale cigar boxes in the UK, the United Kingdom used a lot of Spanish cedar cigar boxes, cigar tray, etc., It called Spanish cedar. But it is not produced in Spain, they main from Brazil and other countries in Central and South America . The reason why the use of Spanish cedar is because as a preserved cigar of the wood, the Spanish cedar has several advantages:

 No insects: Because cedars can emit special smells

 Semi-wet characteristics: Better stability Cigar box humidity environment

 Promote alcoholation: helps cigars mature and increase the flavor of cigars

But the Spanish cedar is not the only one can be used as a cigar moisturizing box of wood, usually in the use of the United States (or Canada) Red Cedar, Honduras peach.

The reason is that the cost of the first World War (the end of the golden age of cigars), the cost of cigar boxes of wood is higher than ever before; therefore, logging permits, transportation and labor. The price increase in the timber field is unavoidable. In the 1920s, cheap cigars in tin cans and cardboard packaging became more and more important; medium-priced cigar makers sought other wood to replace the "Spanish cedar" on the market, and there was a large-scale use of American Red Cedar and Honduras Peach and so on.

spanish cigar box

America red cedar moisture absorption less than the Spanish cedar, the smell is more intense distribution. Some cigar box manufacturers use America Red Cedar because this wood is cheaper. However, long-term cigar stored in this cigar box, the cigar will have a majority of people do not like the taste of wood.

The moisture absorption of the Honduran peach is comparable to that of the Spanish cedar. And its smell is not so strong. However, the ability to prevent insects and increase cigar flavor better than Spanish cedar.

So basically the good cigar box used mostly of Spanish cedar