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Select the cigar box lined with pine wood Apr 17, 2017

A friend asked the cigar box and cigar set, when I travel very love with cortical cigar sets, the first is to feel good, but also holding hands playing when the cigar, second is indeed convenient with two and three get up and walk, put in the bag are not suit the problem. Later, I found that there was a smell of leather, I also like to try a variety of brands of cigars, and later on the pine box, now whether it is the home of the cigar box or travel with a small cigar box are lined with pine. The outside does not matter, each has the hobby.


Pine is mainly used for cigar box lining, now on the market some cigar box liner, mainly use three kinds of wood: Spanish cedar, America (or Canada), Honduras red cedar wood. One of the best Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata), Spanish cedar has four main features:

There is a pest control effect because cedar gives off a special smell

Strong moisture resistance - to ensure the stability of the cigar box environment, dry enough, not long mildew

Contribute to cigar maturation

Increase the flavor of cigars

Spanish cedar, in fact, not from Spain, but from Brazil and other countries in central and South America imported. In individual cases, the wood surface will appear resin. (see the cigar box is secreted resin) carefully prior to the drying of wood can greatly reduce the possibility of resin formation. The red cedar is less hygroscopic than Spanish cedar, and the smell is even stronger. Some cigar makers use the American Red Cedar because it is cheaper and does not produce resin. However, for a long time, the cigar is stored in the cigar box, and the cigar has a wood taste that most people do not like. Honduras mahogany hygroscopicity and Spanish cedar be roughly the same. And it's not that strong. However, the ability to resist insects and increase cigar flavor is not comparable to Spanish cedar. Do not deal with the veneer in the cigar box. If you want to save the cigar for a long time, it is appropriate to use the Spanish cedar to do inside the cigar box. Many of the big box is made of Spanish cedar lining.