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IPCPR Show Will Come Soon ! Apr 24, 2017

-85th Annual Convention & International Trade Show


The IPCPR Annual Convention & Trade Show is the most important event of the year for tobacconists! 
It's your best opportunity to select the high quality products your customers expect, and to discover the new and exciting merchandise that will keep your customers coming back!
You will find many new design cigar box and 
cigar humidor  at the show. All products are relate with Cigar !

WLHC-0014 (6).jpg
The IPCPR Convention & International Trade Show is a MembersOnly show and is not open to the general public. Show admission passes are included in the cost of membership, allotted to IPCPR members according to their Membership Type.

The IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show is for IPCPR Member Professional Retail Tobacconists, Exhibitors, and their bona fide employees only
.Many big exhibitor will bring many luxury cigar humidor for you choose. It is a great place to choose cigar box and cigar accessories.those products all are handmade products.

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Consumers are not welcome and not allowed.
 So if you want to find the handmade cigar humidor, but you are consumers, you cannot appear in this show. 

We ask all to help us spot offenders so that we can maintain a productive, professional atmosphere in which to conduct business.

All consumers will be escorted out of the convention center.

If challenged, persons need to provide the following: business card, and/or other identification which proves identity and IPCPR affiliation.

Furthermore, any IPCPR member determined to have provided consumer access will have their badge(s) confiscated and not be allowed to return to the show floor.