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Humidor box: life support for cigars Apr 15, 2017

When you hold a cup of wine, gently shake, then put in the elegant nose smell peculiar to continuously emit light or strong Wine fragrance, you will be issued with this: if the wine has the vitality, different time exudes taste great not the same. If this come one authentic Cuban cigars, sipping wine and smoke a cigar, suddenly you will be surprised to find that in double delicious under the stimulation of the tongue you are experiencing a more special and more magical taste, with what to describe this unparalleled feeling?

To allow us to experience so delicious and store two delicate delicious ways have a close relationship. Compared with the wine cellar, the storage of the cigar is relatively simple, select a delicate moisturizing box is sufficient to guarantee the continuation of the vitality of the cigar. However, simple does not mean random, how to use a humidor box is the key to maintaining a good cigar.


Now let me from a professional point of view to tell our friends how to properly use and maintain a cigar box, so that it is better to complete the task of maintaining cigars!

Most cigar smokers mistakenly believe that if the box is not retained in 70 degrees of humidity environment will be broken. The safe range of cigar storage is from 66% to 79%. In fact, some people think that the ideal humidity suitable for smoking is 80 degrees, while the ideal humidity suitable for storage is about 70 degrees. As long as the humidity in the cigar box is safe within this range. Some people prefer relatively moist cigars, while others prefer relatively dry cigars. You will soon learn about the appropriate humidity range for storing cigars, and store them in an environment that is within the range of humidity.

It doesn't matter where the hygrometer is, as long as you know where it is located. It is best to have air activity near the hygrometer to ensure accurate conclusions. It is the best way to place a hygrometer on a cigar box lid or in a similar way.

Humidifier is to maintain the humidity of your cigar box. The steps are as follows:

1 remove the humidifier from the humidor box

2 use a humidifier (distilled water and propylene glycol) or just distilled water and pour it into the humidifier through the grate.

3 do not put too much water humidifier, avoid soaking soaked. "

4 use the cloth to dry any spilled liquid outside the humidifier.

5 put the humidifier back in the humidors.

If you look at the timing of humidity, found a little cigar dry. Increase the amount of distilled water in the Oasis (humidifier brand) and adjust the mixture of propylene glycol / Cigar Box solvent and the required distilled water. At different times in your home and in different seasons of the year, you will need to try many times to find the best combination. A good rule of thumb is that the distilled water increases the moisture, while the solvent reduces the moisture.

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With proper care and attention, cigar boxes will be available for years of maintenance. Here are some areas to watch out for:

1 don't place a cigar box in a place that is easily knocked down. "

2 do not store a cigar box in direct sunlight, which may cause the wood cigar box to lose its moisture retention function and to heat the Inner Cigar Box beyond the safe range.

3 don't put other objects in the cigar box. "

4 always use soft cloth to clean the cigar box.

5 polish or bee wax cigars box to facilitate the cleaning or polishing of cigar boxes.

6 often wiping the dust will make the cigar box look like new.

7 do not use water or any other liquid to wipe the inside of your wooden cigar box, which will cause the loss of moisture.