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How to protect your Cigar on Travel? Mar 27, 2017

If you want to carry cigars together when traveling, you have to prevent it from being damaged and become dry during your trip. Buying a travel humidor is the ideal choice. Travel humidors are very small and can be easily placed in briefcases or small bags.

When you go to buy a travel humidor, the first thing to check it is volume of the humidor, and if it is your favorite style. Then you may check its durability, because no matter how careful you are, the humidors will inevitably be hit when carrying. We have to make sure that it can withstand with the hitting when traveling.

cigar humidor

Even if you do not travel frequently, you can still keep a travel humidors, they are very useful for temporary storage small amount of cigars. When transferring cigars from the large humidor box into your travel humidors, make sure that the small travel humidor keeps the cigar in perfectly moist.

However, sometimes, you may just need to take a Cigar Tube or Cigar Bag in stead of a travel humidor to keep the cigar in a moisture situation.

You can also buy some pretty design of silver tube or wood tube, they can separated keep the cigar 72 hours. The disadvantage is that if you want to smoke more cigars a day, then you need to buy a few more tubes and there is  problem in carrying, occupy space and heavy, also may damage your clothes.

wooden cigar boxes

Carrying a good workmanship leather cigar case is also a good choice, it can be loaded with some pieces cigars, and you can put it into the humidor box directly if you don’t plan smoke. If you smoke the same type of cigar, you can buy a cigar box that design for the cigar, but if you take different type of cigars, then you need a more "open" box - a non-finger-shaped box - easy to load a variety of cigars.

When buying a cigar case, it is best to wear a jacket or clothes which with a small pocket. Make sure that the case can be put into these pockets, and the shape of the pocket after load with case will not seem like you installed a pistol, make sure it will not bring you trouble, meanwhile you could bring some cigars to check the case as well. Firstly, load/unload the cigar, closed the case to check if it is good fit, and to avoid the cigar stained with leather smell, you may want the case with lined as well.

It may take you a long time in selecting a suitable cigar box and there are many factors to consider. Just like shoe-making, the cigar case manufacturing also uses a similar process, so they may be numerous of choice. A good cigar case is not only with perfect crafts, but also highlights your personal taste