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Cigar Moisturizing Case Maintenance Raiders Oct 21, 2017

How to use cigar humidors

1. Remove the humidifier from the cigar box. Note: Do not add water to the humidifier in the cigar box to avoid wetting the cigar box.

2. Moisturizing box plus distilled water or cigar box maintenance solution. Note: Do not add tap water.

3. Add distilled water from the grill of the humidor, or use the cigar box maintenance solution for the first time.

4. Do not overdose the water, you can wet, do not soak.

5. Wipe dry water with a piece of clean cloth and secure the moisturizer in the cigar box, usually in the same way as the hygrometer.

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What is a cigar care solution?

Cigar care solution is 50% propylene glycol + 50% distilled water, the main role is to ensure that the humidity of about 70% and to prevent moisturizing box mildew. Do not use excessive or frequent use. Usually the first time to enable the humidifier and humidity suddenly dropped the case only need. Normally every 3 to 6 months (depending on the external temperature) plus one (normal evaporation takes so much time). Frequent use will affect the moisture absorption and moisturizing function of the humidor.

How to properly enable wooden cigar humidors

Before the first use, the wooden cigar box needs to absorb moisture, in order to ensure proper use, please follow the following steps:

1. In the cigar box, put the cup of distilled water or cigar box maintenance solution.

2. After the adjustment of the hygrometer, humidifier also put into the cigar box fixed.

3. Cover the lid and check it after 8 hours to see if the humidity is in the range of 68% -72%. Be careful not to wet the inside of the cigar box.

4. Keep the inside of the cigar box dry and do not spill water or moisturizer into the box.

How to maintain a cigar moisturizer

1. Do not knock the surface of the cigar box, the box above do not put things.

2. Do not let the sun direct to, so as not to deformation of the cigar box, loss of moisturizing function.

3. Regularly clean the surface of the cigar box, in the use of brightener, Ning Meng oil when these detergent should be on a soft cloth, and then go to wipe the cigar box.

4. Do not allow objects or solutions with bleach or acidic substances to come into contact with the humidor.

5. You can regularly clean the inside of the box inside the cigars.

Cigar Moisturizing Case Maintenance Raiders

Step 1: Moisturizing box refill (every 4-6 months)

First put all the cigars out until the moisturizer box is re-filled before going back. Then the humidity regulator and hygrometer also took out. Note that the new humidifier should skip this step.

Wipe the inside of the box with cotton or cloth soaked in distilled water until the wood part becomes moist. You can also use a sprayer, but remember to use distilled water.

With a clean cloth to wipe the excess water inside the box, especially the corner part, this is intended to make the humidifier moisturizing effect on average.

Step 2: Humidity regulator humidification (every 2-5 weeks)

The humidity regulator should be immersed in distilled water until the internal sponge is filled with water. This process takes about 15-20 minutes. Place the regulator on the dry cloth for about 10 minutes to ensure that no water drops out, or you can gently shake the regulator so that the water is not absorbed by the sponge.

Step 3: Hygrometer adjustment (every 6 months)

Place the thermometer in a soaked cloth for 1 hour and the temperature reading should be between 95% and 100%. If the reading does not rise to between 95% and 100%, turn the screwdriver to 100% of the reading.

After the above three steps, put the humidity regulator and hygrometer back to the moisturizer box, close the empty box six hours after the cigar into the, you're done.