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A variety of red wine box, wooden box to lead the trend Apr 05, 2017

In recent years, laser marking machine has spread all over the country wine packaging box. Every family of large and small are almost marking processing box production machine with laser.

wooden wine box

People love to use the wooden box packaging box of wine, is generally used in wood production, but also because wood is relatively rare resources, therefore, many wooden boxes no longer use wood, but the use of some other materials to replace the wood, the use of laser marking machine, playing out what are the benefits of red wine box:

wine wooden box.jpg

1, laser marking machine marking wooden wine box can be more highlights the value of wine, especially the people in the selected items are generally through the visual effect of choice.

cheap wine box

2, laser marking machine marking red wine box has certain frame structure, in the packaging of wine also has a lot of space, which can better protect the wine from damage, has good aseismic and anti torque and high voltage capacity, easy to use